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500 SCREWS 3/4 Inch KREG 19mm Fine Thread Pan Heads SPS-F0.75

500 SCREWS 3/4 Inch KREG 19mm Fine Thread Pan Heads SPS-F0.75

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£13.44 £11.20
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KREG pocket hole SCREWS 500 Qty at 3/4" long (19mm) with Pan Heads and Fine Threads

The Kreg pocket hole system is perfect for making pocket holes in all types of joinery.

Advantages of the Kreg Screws

  • Deep square drive prevents driver jumping out.

  • Extra metal in the head eliminates head snapping off.

  • Large flat underside of heads stops when it hits bottom of the hole.

  • Dri-lube finish reduces driving torque needed.

  • Case hardened steel screw.

  • Sharp edge of self-tapping tip drills a cleaner hole.

  • Needle sharp point minimises walking.

Choosing the correct screw

Length - As a general rule we suggest using the following screw lengths when jointing materials -

1/2" material = 1" screw

5/8" material = 1" screw

3/4" material = 1" 1/4 screw

7/8" material = 1" 1/2 screw

1" material = 1" 1/2 screw

1" 1/8 material = 1" 1/2 screw

1" 1/4 material = 2" screw

1" 3/8 material = 2" screw

1" 1/2 material = 2" 1/2 screw

Thread Type - FINE thread screws are the preferred choice in hardwoods as they eliminate any chance of splitting the wood. COARSE thread screws offer advantages in softer materials such as plywood and particle board as their larger thread diameter provides greater holding power.

Head Type - The large bearing surface of the WASHER HEAD is designed to seat securely in the bottom of the pocket providing a consistent clamping force on the joint line. The PAN HEAD is a slightly smaller head size which allows it to easily get below flush when jointing 1/2" material (example chipboard or plywood applications).

Blue-Kote Weather Resistant - is the newest generation of rust-resistant screws from Kreg providing up to 400% more weather resistance than zinc-plated screws. Its the best choice for the majority of exterior Pocket-Screw applications and general exterior construction. (NOTE screws are only Blue-Kote if stated).

We retail all Kreg items spares and screws so please checkout our other items

Along with the Kreg range in our Shop we also retail all Woodworking Tooling and Tapered Wood Pellets

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Brand KREG
Price £13.44
Screw Length 3/4" (19mm)
Thread Type Fine Thread
Screw Coating Zinc
Screws Per Box 500 pieces
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