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Power Tools

Appleby Woodturnings suppliers of the leading brand name power tools such as Senco, Triton, GMC and Silverline. Our wide range of power tools include Circular saws, Drills, Hand Held Planers, Routers (plunge, trim & Multi-purpose) and Sanders (Belt, orbital & detail/palm).

All of our power tools have spares and accessories available to purchase within our online store, we stock many Router Cutters in a variety of diameters and Shanks, Sanding belts and pads, planer blades in a large selection of lengths, drill bits and a choice of TCT Circular saws.

We also stock bobbin sleeves accompany our Triton Oscillating spindle sander.

Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house time served experiences woodwork machinist for free of charge advice.  

  • - - Circular Saws 2 items
  • - - Drills 1 item
  • - - Paint Strippers 6 items
  • - - Planers 1 item
  • - - Routers 10 items
  • - - Sanders 5 items
Bottle Size
  1. Appleby Woodturnings 2 items
  2. CMT 3 items
  3. GMC 4 items
  4. Metabo 6 items
  5. Senco 1 item
  6. Silverline 4 items
  7. Silverstorm 4 items
  8. Triton 3 items


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