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Appleby Woodturnings Proud Suppliers Of the leading brand name Routers.
Our wide range of Routers include :-
Silverstorm 600W 1/4" Multipurpose Router 270289Cuts, drills, sands, grinds and polishes, 36mm plunge depth, Max Router cutter diameter 32mm, 2 collets (1/4") included, 

GMC 710w Plunge & Trimmer Router 1/4" 732455 - 40mm plunge depth, includes 1/4" & 8mm Collets

Triton 2400w Precision Plunge Router 330165 TRA001 - Plunge depth 0 - 2 21/32", Supplied with 1/2" & 12mm Collets 3 stage depth turret
We have many more Routers available and also Accessories including shank sleeves and collets

Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house time served experiences woodwork machinist for free of charge advice.  

Cutting Diameter
  1. CMT 2 items
  2. GMC 1 item
  3. Silverline 2 items
  4. Silverstorm 2 items
  5. Triton 3 items

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