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CNC Router Tooling

Our CNC range includes:-

Collets available in a variety of sizes including ER20, ER25, ER32 & ER40 with internal diameters of 2mm to 20mm.

Tool Holders HSK-63F, SK30 DIN and SK30 ISO connections with either collets for inserting cutters that have shanks or spindle moulder style shafts to add cutter bodies with a bore.

Spiral Router Cutters in sizes from 1-25mm with various cut lengths from 3mm to 75mm depending on diameter. Available in positive and negative, L/H and R/H rotation & Z=2, Z=3 ( 2 or 3 Flute). Made from the best quality grade solid carbide giving increased tool life.

Diamond Tools for CNC Routers, Edge Bander Hoggers, Radius Heads and Saw Blades, including custom tools developed to include your vision, machinery and equipment. Our range includes 3 Flute Turbo Router Cutters, Z=1+1 and Z=2+2 with varying tip heights.

The Lip & Spur and Through Point drill bits used on stationary boring machines, automatic boring machines and CNC machining centres. Available in right hand (R/H) or left hand (L/H) rotation with 2 negative spurs assisting free flow of chips away from the cutting edge to eliminate clogging and burning.

We have our own CNC commisioning engineer in-house for free of charge technical assistance before purchase.

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