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Digital Angle Measuring

We offer a full range of Digital Measuring and Angle Finding Equipment manufactured by one of the market leaders GEMRED. Our GEMRED range includes Bevel Boxes, Level Boxes, Depth Gauges, 200mm or 280mm Rule to suit every possible requirement.

Our LCD Digital Depth Gauge is used for setting tool height in tools such as plunge routers, router tables, engineering applications and saw benches. Our Bevel and Level Boxes incorporate 3 button functions with Zero facility magnets in the base and a spirit level on the top adding accuracy when measuring mitre and bevel angles on mitre saws, saw benches etc.

One of our top sellers is our Digital Angle Rule available in 200mm & 280mm is a 2 in 1 folding rule with a big difference. Measuring both the angle and length at the same time with a clear digital display of the angle and bold markings in both Metric and Imperial on the rules.

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