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Tersa Knives

We supply HSS, Chrome, M42, M+ & Solid Carbide Tersa (TCT) Knives available in a range of sizes, which are cut specially to order.

  • CHROME - (CR) is made out of High Quality Chrome Steel best used for Softwoods and for Roughing Out heads.
  • HSS - Made from Industrial Quality High Speed Steel with a razor sharp polish ground cutting angles, best used for Softwoods and occasional Hardwoods.
  • HSS M+ (M42) - Made from 8% Cobalt high speed steel with an improved cutting angle, best used for Hardwoods and the occasional Softwoods.
  • Carbide (TCT) - Made from High Quality Micro Grain Solid Carbide making it extremely durable prolonging tool life upto 30%, regrindable up to 3 times, Suitable for Hardwoods and Plastics Only.

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