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Centrofix / CentroStar / QuickFix

We supply HSS CentroFix Planer Blades in matching pairs to suit Leitz Cutter Heads. These are a good choice for general purpose planing of softwoods and domestic hardwoods.

We stock various blade types such as Re-Sharpenable, Double Edged Disposable and Carbide in a large variety of sizes from 110mm to 520mm.

Our disposable blades are 1mm thick, 18.6mm wide and have the correct location holes. The Re-Sharpenable blades have a single cutting edge made from 18% cobalt HSS material in widths from 18mm to 35mm and thickness up to 3mm.

We also supply Specials cut to size.

1220mm HSS Bar lengths are available in 20mm, 25mm & 30mm widths with a choice of either 2.5mm or 3mm thicknesses.

Blade Length
  1. 130mm 1 item
  2. 230mm 1 item
  3. 310mm 1 item
  4. 410mm 1 item
  5. 510mm 1 item
  6. 180mm 1 item
Blade Width
Blade Thickness
Qty Per Pack
  1. Appleby Woodturnings 5 items
  2. CMT 1 item

Plugs in 3-4 Days

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