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Pan Head Screws

R2 PAN HEAD WOODSCREWS have the same tried and tested design as all the R2 screws to give consistent performance in all timbers and board materials.

The design of our Pan Head gives the extra pull through performance and clamping power required of a Pan Head, especially when fixing brackets or plates etc. to timber but still allows for a good deep bit recess, helping to reduce “cam-out”.

The 25º needle point gives the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole and the sharp, wide deep thread with unique lubrication gives up to 40% less driving resistance and easy penetration.

The Yellow Tropicalized coating gives superior corrosion resistance (compared to a standard BZP coating).

Specially hardened steel gives the R2 PAN HEAD maximum tensile and torsional strength and the R2 thread pattern offers exceptionally high pull out resistance.

R2 PAN HEAD is available in the most popular sizes and in Craft or Industry packs.


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