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1 - 10mm

Appleby Woodturnings proud suppliers of a full variety of Router Bits between 1 - 10mm diameters
for example
Silverline TCT Metric Straight Router Cutter 4 x 12mm S=1/4" 178044, CMT 3/8" x 25.4mm TCT Router Cutter S=1/4" 806.095.11 and Titman Router Cutter 10 x 25mm S=1/2" M1025
Within our range we offer a variety of Router Styles including Flush Trim Top / Bottom Bearing, Double Bearing, Straight cut, Chamfer, Ovolo, Panel Cutter, Biscuit Cutter, Dovetail, Engraver and Long Reach.
All of our Router Cutters are manufactured by the top leading brands such as Trend, Silverline, CMT, Axcaliber & Titman.
The cutting diameters start from as small as 4mm to 47mm available in shank diameters of 8mm, 1/4”, 1/2” & 20mm with Sharp durable TCT (Tungsten Carbide) cutting edges.
Please do not hesitate to contact our in house, time served experienced sales team for Free Of Charge advice.

  1. CMT 4 items
  2. Silverline 5 items
  3. Titman 1 item
  4. Trend 3 items
  5. Triton 2 items


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