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CMT 150mm x 14-28mm Id=30 2 Piece Adjustable Groover

CMT 150mm x 14-28mm Id=30 2 Piece Adjustable Groover

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£177.60 £148.00
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    CMT 2 Piece Adjustable Groover 150 x 14-28mm Id=30mm

Ref: 694.021.30


The ideal tool for use on your spindle moulders, double end tennoners and shaper machines to create precision slots and grooves between 14 to 28mm in a wide range of material.

This versatile 150mm diameter Adjustable Groover set consists of two solid aluminium cutter heads and a set of spacer shims. In addition, both of the heads come pre-fitted with two cutting tips and two spur tips on each cutter head. These tips are the European standard sizes and can be turned four times to use each of their edges in order to achieve crisp,clean and precise edges.

         Technical information:-

  • Cutting diameter: 150mm
  • Internal bore size: 30mm
  • Maximum groove / rebate depth: 44mm
  • Groove width: 14 to 28mm
  • Adjustments made by using spacer shims provided
  • Suitable for use on all hardwoods and softwoods, MDF, chipboards and plastics
  • N/Min: 5000RPM
  • N/Max: 8000RPM
  • Supplied in its own free sturdy carry case

What our in house woodworking machinist says:-

This Adjustable Groover is ideal for you to create both grooving and small rebates because of the spurs fitted to both heads. Down time on your machine is kept to a minimum because all of the cutting tips are reversible carbide knives which can be turned around 4 times whilst the head remains on your spindle by just removing the locating screw and rotating the tips. The reversible tips are made from carbide which means that they last a lot longer than normal HSS tips so you don't have to change them as often. Even when you need to change the tips for new ones, you can remove the head easily and quickly to put new tips on when edges become blunt or chipped.

You can finely adjust the Groover easily with the assortment of spacer shims that are included in the set.

Another advantage to you is the quick set up time for doing tennons on the spindle, if there is no tennoner available, by simply separating the blocks, turning them upside down and putting the spacer shims in between them.

The versatility of this block means it is a must for any woodworking machine shop”


 13.6 x 13.6 x 2mm reversible grooving knives (4 cutting edges)

19.5 x 12 x 1.5mm reversible knives(4 cutting edges)

14 x 14 x 2mm  spur tips  (4 cutting edges)

   You will find all spare parts for this block in the reversible turn blade category of our shop

You can also purchase new tips or spare screws for this block from our store at very competitive prices which means that you can run and maintain your block for pennies

Please do not hesitate to contact our in house, Woodwork Machinest for Free Of Charge Technical advice.

Thanks for looking and we hope to see you as a repeat customer of the future.

All prices include Vat and a full Vat receipt will be sent with every purchase.

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More Information
Price £177.60
Brand CMT
Block Diameter 150mm
Bore Diameter 30mm
Block Width Adjustable
Block Made Of Aluminium
Cut Depth 44mm
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