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Sharpening Waterstones

Appleby Woodturnings suppliers of Japanese Waterstone sharpening stones and accessories including the ICE BEAR Combination Waterstone 1000/6000g, KING waterstone 1200 Grit, Nagura Stone and Iroko Box.

Available individually or in various bundles.

There are many advantages of sharpening your tools with a Japanese waterstone and we are delighted to be able to offer this range of excellent value stones that will give exceptional results time after time.

Suitable for Planer Blades, Chisels, Cooking Knives, Leather Knives, Fishery Knives and other thin blades and cutleries used in Woodworking, Agriculture, Gardening and Forestry

When sharpening keep the stone wet and flush often to clear away swarf and expose freash cutting particles. Use the Nagura stone for cleaning a glazed surface or creating a slurry prior to homing on finer stones thereby speeding up the process. (A must have for all waterstones to give that cleaner sharper edge time after times).


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