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Appleby Woodturnings are proud suppliers of Planer Blades to suit Felisatti Hand Held Planer Models.
We stock various blade types such as Re-Sharpenable , Double Edged Disposable and Carbide in a large variety of sizes starting from as small as 110mm to the larger 520mm.

Our disposable (disp) blades are 1mm thick, 18.6mm wide and have the correct location holes, the Re-Sharpenable blades have a single cutting edge made from 18% cobalt HSS material in widths from 18mm to 35mm and thickness up to 3mm.
Also avaialble Garniga, Terminus, variplan Weinig CentroLock, Leitz Centrofix and specials cut to size. 1220mm HSS Bar lengths are available in 20mm, 25mm & 30mm widths with thickness choice of 3mm or 2.5mm.

Buy any 3+ pairs of our planer blades to obtain a 10% discount.

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