Profile No. 191-193

Appleby Woodturnings proud suppliers and stockists of 40mm Euro Profile Knives and Limiters
Between Profiles 191 to 193.
Cutting Length 40mm with 4mm Thickness
All Knives and Limitors can be purchased in pairs or as a matching set of Knives and Limitors.
The CMT/KWO 40mm knife range consists of 193 different profiles starting from Profile 00 to Profile 177 including Profile193 40mm BLANKS.
All have been ground by CNC grinding machines giving high accuracy and excellent workpiece finish.
All Profiles are available in HSS (High Speed Steel) with the most popular also available in TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) for a longer lasting edge when machining Hardwood
With the correct block these knives can be run on Spindle Moulders, Tenonners, 4 Sided Moulder and CNC Routers, all of which can be found within our online store.
Bespoke grinding services available upon request, from a drawing, Wood sample or a computer DXF files Also contact us to receive by e-mail a chart by of all the various profiles that are available

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