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Mortice Chisels

Mortice Chisels come in the form of the Japanese (Draper) Pattern and the English Clico brand. Both have unique advantages and we are sure we can assist you to the correct cost saving option.

The Japanese (Draper) Pattern has a pointed centre to the auger bit and has a single cutting edge on the bottom. The auger has one spiral flute designed for rapid chip clearance up and out of the single exit slot within one face of the chisel (top to bottom on one side). Available in sizes from 1/4" to 1" including XL Depth of cut 5 1/2".

The English Clico design has a flat bottom twin cutting edge auger bit that removes the chips via a twin spiral design and exists the chips out of the two slots within the chisel (chip slots are on opposite sides to each other and one covers the lower part and the other the top of the chisel).

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