Specialist Manufacturers of Tapered Wood Pellets & Suppliers of Branded Woodwork Tooling

4 Sided Moulder Tooling

Our range includes a wide variety of Planing Blocks such as the Tersa R2000 available in diameters of 100mm, 125mm and 145mm with Cut Lengths from 60mm to 310mm and a 40mm Bore.

Within our Freud Hogger range we have the bulk removal Roughing Helical Planer Cutter Heads with Disposable Knives and the Multi-cut Finishing Planing Block available in diameters of 100mm & 125mm and bore diameters of 30mm, 35mm and 40mm.

We supply all spares and accessories to suit your Cutter Blocks such as 145mm Edge Reference Head, Spare Reversible Knives, Spacer Collar Rings and a large variety of High Speed Steel (HSS) and TCT (Carbide) Planing Knives.

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